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Thursday November 14th


Thursday November 14th

Warm Up:
3 Rounds
100m Run
7 Slamballs
6 Russian Twists w/Slamball
5 Seated Slamball Press

3 Rounds For Max Reps:
1 Minute Max Dumbbell Push Press 50/35 INT-35/25 BEG 25/10
1 Minute Max Sit-ups
1 Minute Max Bike Calorie
Rest 3 mins Between Each Round
–Coaches Notes:–
There will not be separate transition time from movement to movement so try to set up in 1 area. (We will adjust the bikes if we have to). The goal here is for max total reps with all 3 movements for all 3 rounds, so that means MAX out that minute. You should be aiming for 10-25 reps of each movement for each round. Keeping that in mind make sure your DB weight is manageable for the minute, you shouldn’t have to put them down more than MAYBE ONCE to rest.

**Optional Accessory Work:**Option 1:
For quality: Handstand Practice Accumulate 2-5 mins of either handstand walks, handstand holds on and off the wall, upside down positions or if being upside down is uncomfortable you can build up to 3 minutes f a heavy Overhead DB Hld. ((Check out the 2nd video below for some hints and tips))

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