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Thursday July 30th


Thursday July 30th

Warm up
2 Rounds
4 Strict press
6 push press
8 push jerks
200 m run

Strength 18 minutes every other minute on the minute go as heavy as possible on all 9 working sets
3×3 Strict press (1 set every other minute, 6 minutes total)
Increase weight
3×3 push press (1 set every other minute 6 minutes total
Increase weight
3×3 Push jerk (1 set every other minute, 6 minutes total)

5 rounds for time of:
50 Double Unders
15 Push Press, 75/55 lbs
10 Toes-to-bars

*this is a lower rx weight for the gym, that means GO FAST. Push press should be unbroken through just about every round. Feel the burn.

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