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Saturday February 22nd


Saturday February 22nd

8am Endurance: Change it up a little. We are going to leave the doors closed. Its supposed to pretty cold tomorrow morning. Park in front!
Partner endurance
20 minute row for cals switching every 2 minutes
5 Minute breat
20 minute bike for cals switching every 2 minutes.
*This wont exactly be slow steady state cardio. with a 2 minutes rest in between your work intervals you can push the pace a little bit. It wont be a sprint, but it wont be that “long slow row/bike” feeling either.

9am Mobility-Never been to mobility?? This class isn’t a ” normal yoga type” mobility class. We typically follow a long session of a RomWod series for the hour and talk about what the positions and stretches help us with for what we do during the week. Mobility is a HUGE part of recovery and getting better at most movements we do in classes. COME TRY A CLASS!!

10am Class:
partner workout
5 Rounds: (Split how want)
100m Dumbbell Farmers Carry 50/35 INT-45/25 BEG-35/15
50 Dumbbell Walking Lunge 50/35 INT-45/25 BEG-35/15
14 Dumbbell Burpees 50/35 INT-45/25 BEG-35/15
Rest 5 Minutes
Dumbbell Power Clean 50/35 INT-45/25 BEG-35/15(Video Posted Below)
Dumbbell Push Press 50/35 INT-45/25 BEG-35/15
Rest 5 Minutes
3 Rounds:
12 Dumbbell Squats 50/35 INT-45/25 BEG-35/15
15 Dumbbell Bench Press 50/35 INT-45/25 BEG-35/15
18 Toes-to-bars INT- Leg Raises BEG-Knee Raises

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