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Monday January 20th


Monday January 20th

Warm Up:
5 Rounds:
50m run (increasing pace each round)
10 m High Knees
10 m Butt Kicks
5 Jumping Air Squats
4 Inchworms

Back Squat 2-3-5-10-2-3-5-10
These UNBROKEN sets can be done with 55-75% of you 1rm.
But using the SAME weight for all of your sets.

Each for time:
Run: 6x 400 m
Rest as needed between. TRY to keep it to a 1:1 rest to avoid getting cold
If you need to sub the run do 6x500m Row or 6x .75m Bike
–Coaches Notes–
DON’T SKIP CARDIO DAY!!! Those who say they “aren’t good at running” this is a perfect chance to improve the weakness like any other skill or movement we use in the gym. These repeats should take anywhere from around 1:30 or less to trying to keep them ALL under 2 minutes. Aim to keep your times about the same as you go through the sets.
**Optional Accessory Work**
Option 1:
HEAVY Farmers Carry
Using HEAVY DBs or KBs work 50m at a time for 3 sets. Since these should be heavy make sure to keep your shoulders back and chest up as you carry these.
Options 2:
Double Under Practice
4 to 7 Minutes
If you are efficient at doubles try going for max sets. If you are working on stringing them together take the time to go through sets of single-single-double etc.. trying to work the singles out.

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