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Our mobility instructor is what sets our mobility classes apart from the rest. Tanya is one of the best yoga teachers in the area and also a top athlete. She knows the mobility issues most CrossFitters face and that’s what she focuses on. Our Saturday mobility class will take your athleticism to the next level. Tanya will give you the tools you need to make mobility part of your daily routine.

We all know someone who had difficulty getting out of chair right? Perhaps rocking back and forth to build momentum to get up. Most of us at one point or another in our lives have noticed is just not as easy to bend down and tie our shoes or pick something up off the ground. Unless you have suffered a major injury that limits your range of motion, the simple tasks above should be easy for you. Your body is designed to move. Well what happened?

Simple — You lost your range of motion. Years hunched over a keyboard, a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and even bad mechanics in very active people can lead to big losses in mobility. If you lose your ability to squat down and stand back up, you are headed towards living a much less independent lifestyle.

Poor sitting, standing, lifting, walking, and running mechanics will eventually take their toll on your body. It’s your right as a human to be able to move properly. Your body is designed perfectly to work in very stable positions.

Better mobility equals a better life. Period.

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